donderdag 29 augustus 2013

Sex in the stables

Do you know someone with a fetish for riding clothes? I doubt someone will openly admit that, not that someone should be ashamed, because it´s not a common fetish or at least not an openly known fetish. When you have a fetish for riding clothes it means that you like to see people in riding clothes, but when you´re straight I guess you just like to see someone of the opposite gender in riding clothes. Still it´s more than just watching, you want to feel it and taste it! So in a way it´s not that different then a fetish for latex or leather. But there is often another thing added to a riding clothes fetish and that is the location, this means most times being in the stables.

I´ve noticed that a lot of guys have this fetish for seeing women in riding clothes. Maybe it´s the tight pants, the shiny boots or the whip they´re holding. I guess you could even go so far that a submissive man is attracted to a woman that controls a horse, which is an animal that is bigger and stronger then she is. I´ve heard multiple reasons why men like women in riding clothes, but it usually comes down to him wanting to have sex in the stables with a woman wearing riding clothes. Some are very direct about it, but others can go into great detail how it would be and what they would want to happen. Then you also have people that like to include the horses, but that´s a direction I´m not going to discuss. I´ll leave that to someone else....

So what is so special about having sex in the stables? Well for your average person not much I guess, unless you have a fantasy of having sex in a pile of hay. Maybe it´s just the place to have sex when you meet someone special there, why go somewhere else if you can find a nice spot in the stables? Perhaps it could also be so that it brings out some primal force inside you, no logic or thinking about what you´re doing and just go with your primal feelings. I guess it has a different effect on all of us, maybe some people even find it repulsive to have sex in the stables. Well rolling around in crap doesn´t really seem like a turn on for me but maybe other people have different opinions about that.

I remember this girl I used to ride with, what I didn´t know back then was that she had a thing for me. After one riding session she stood next to my horse and out of nowhere started kissing my boots. She held my leg tight and slowly pulled me down and jumped on me. Usually I get turned on by riding, the tight pants around my crotch moving up and down on a leather saddle has a stimulating effect on me, so I didn´t resist her and went along with it. Was it the best sex I had? I wouldn´t go that far but it was one of the most intense moments I´ve shared with someone, just passion and instinct that lead to an explosive eruption in both of us. Sometimes you don´t need to think about something, then you know what you want! So maybe sex in the stables does bring something special out of you, but I guess it would really depend who you are.

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