maandag 5 augustus 2013

Online Doms/Dommes

Thanks to our technology we can contact eachother from miles away, this makes it easier to form friendships and relationships. Also for Doms/Dommes it´s a way to get in touch with subs, but how reliable is this type of communication? Are online Doms/Dommes real Doms/Dommes or just pretenders?

It´s difficult to say who someone really is if you´ve never met him or her and the contact is only through messages online. But this doesn´t make someone a liar, it´s just another way of people reaching out to other people. Of course not everyone is who they say they are, so it might be tricky to find a real Dom/Domme. But there are ways of checking if someone is real and when someone is pretending.

Profiles without pictures are usually suspicious, because if you can´t even see one picture then they clearly have something to hide. Also be cautious when you see pictures that look too good to be true, I´m not saying that every attractive person online is a fake but people like to use pictures of other people when they are not happy with their own appearance. But it´s not all bad, some people are shy or they just don´t want to be recognized by family or friends. Pay attention what people are talking about, Doms/Dommes who know little about BDSM are either new or just not who they say they are. Don´t be afraid to ask questions, there is nothing wrong with some curiosity!!!!

So does an online D/s relationship work? Well it could, but just like an online vanilla relationship it will take a lot of work on both sides. Always be cautious though, some people like to get private information from you and that can lead to less friendly situations. My advice is to listen to your feelings, if you feel like you can trust the other then go for it. But if something feels wrong, even the slightest thing, then you should be on your guard.

For people who are uncomfortable at events or don´t have the courage to go to a Dom/Domme can always try to find someone online. Maybe if you build up a bond with someone you can meet up, but this isn´t always what´s necessary. But if you´re only going to have online contact then I don´t know how long it´s going to last, there might be a point in someones life that they want more. Maybe then you have to ask yourself if you want more, if being online with someone is enough....

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