zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Addicted to fetish clothing!

An addiction is hardly ever a good thing, but when it comes to wearing fetish clothes then it´s not so bad. Of course it´s an expensive addiction, as much as you´d love to buy a lot of clothes you´re often limited because of a budget. So how do you deal with that?

The easiest thing you can do is just stick with what you have or if you don´t have anything yet then you buy just the one outfit. It seems stupid but if you don´t have that much money then it´s really stupid to spend all your money on clothes. You have to eat and I´m certain that there are bills that you need to pay, so never forget to plan your next move before you decide to purchase something expensive. Als try to research the outfit you want to buy, because maybe it´s not as good as you first thought it would be. You don´t want to buy something that turns out to be something you don´t want or that isn´t exactly as you thought it would be. Maybe you´re easy when it comes to this but I doubt that you don´t like any unpleasant suprises!

If you worry that others might talk badly about you not having a lot of fetish clothes then it´s best not to be bothered by that. It´s great if some people have a lot of money to spend or that they started buying fetish clothes for a long time. It´s not a suprise that these people will have more, but don´t let that discourage you! We all start small and hopefully one day you have your own collection that you can show off. You might want to go fast, buy as many pretty things as you can but this doesn´t lead to happiness. It´s better to start slow and see what it is you really want, what interests you and what turns you on. There is no point in wearing something you don´t like!

It´s not a bad thing to be addicted to fetish clothing, just remember not to spend all your money on that! It´s tempting and you wouldn´t be the first one that has done that, but you´d probably regret it. I love fetish clothing, I love to wear them and I love to look at them. But I know that there is a time and place for such things, there are also days that I don´t wear fetish clothing and then some nice casual clothing comes in handy. As much as you want one thing, remember that it´s smart to leave room for other things.

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