zaterdag 15 maart 2014

Being a sadist makes you evil!

Have you ever heard that before? People that assume that because you´re a sadist then you must also be evil, somehow people don´t seem to see that one doesn´t mean you´re also the other. Now I´m not going to lie and say that this is complete nonsense, because there are sadists that might be considered evil but that doesn´t mean that just because you´re a sadist that it automaticly makes you evil!

As a Domme it´s safe to say that I´m a sadist, but does that make me evil? Well I´m not going to pretend I´m innocent, I guess we all have our dark side but I don´t consider myself as evil. But what is evil? Hurting someone you love, is that evil? I think a lot of people will say yes, but what if the other person wants you to hurt him or her? Is it still evil? Some people believe that good and evil are just two different sides with different opinions, I don´t know if that´s really true but sometimes it seems like a lot of things in the world do seem to point that way. But then there are also things that prove that evil is more than just a side that has a different opinion.

Getting back to BDSM I think that it´s safe to say that when someone hurts someone else and the other wants that, then there is no evil intent. This is something some people seem to forget, that a sub is a sub by choice. There is no one that forced them to one day be a sub. I´m certain that there are some disturbing stories out there that might tell you something else, but let´s not forget that some people are just pretty messed up. I´m not that different, I´m messed up but I don´t hurt people just for my amusement. It´s because they chose to submit themselves to me and thus decided to play by my rules, this is something that was discussed and not forced upon anyone.

So whenever you hear someone say that a sadist must be evil then that´s often someone that speaks about something they know nothing about! It´s easy to judge others but it actually takes courage to admit that you don´t know something and are willing to learn, which also shows that you have at least some respect towards something you don´t know or understand. I don´t expect everyone to agree or that everyone will respect it, but to judge others is jus stupid!

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