zondag 9 maart 2014

When your partner isn´t into kink

These days it´s easy to meet other people, especially online there are plenty of people to talk to and some of them are actually even nice to talk to. Of course it´s not always that easy to find someone that is actually relationship material, but once you do then what is there to stand in your way to have some good times together? A partner that has no interest in kink, at all....

I make it sound as if it´s a bad thing, which isn´t always the truth. Kink might bring some spice into a relationship but I doubt it´s what you need to make it work, of course it´s nice if someone respects your opinion and what you like as you probably would do the same. So making a compromise seems quite logic, maybe once a week something less vanilla and then the rest of the week being a casual couple. I´d say that´s quite reasonable, because what is one night compared to six?

Not everyone might agree to that, I guess it really depends how things work in your relationship. But it also depends on you and your partner, if he or she doesn´t want to do anything kink related then things might be rough. Especially if you have a strong need for something like that in your relationship. It wouldn´t suprise me if that could cause some difficulties in the relationship, but I don´t think it needs to be a big problem. It´s always important to talk, if it´s really bothering you that there is no kink in your relationship then maybe you can make some suggestions. It´s better than keeping quiet and just be frustrated!

I wouldn´t force your partner into a role he or she isn´t comfortable with, it should be something you both agree on and not just one! As much as you would like your partner to be more like you it´s not a good idea to force something on someone else when he or she is clearly not into that, instead of being stuck on one idea you might want to think of something else that her or she might like. Once again talking can definately help out, don´t be afraid to talk about what you like. If someone loves you for who you are then there is nothing you need to hide, but I would understand if you feel reluctant to talk about a fetish that isn´t really considered as acceptable. Instead of being blunt with that, you might want to give some hints to what you like and hopefully that will give your partner an idea.

It might seem difficult to be in a relationship with someone who doesn´t share your kinky side, but it´s not impossible. Just remember that as long as you respect and love eachother then nothing is impossible!

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