zondag 16 maart 2014

Are you a real woman?

I´ve heard a lot of times from transsexual friends that it´s a big deal for some people to know if you´re a real woman or not. I don´t mean as in just being curious, no I´m talking about that being a deal breaker. As if someone that you´re attracted to, is nice to you and with whom you´ve had several nice conversations suddenly isn´t your type just because they´re not what you expected. Does it really matter? Isn´t someone that you like, with whom you have a connection and that feels the same about you enough?

I guess it makes sense that a straight guy might not want to be with a transsexual woman, but if you´re attracted to her and you´re having a good time together then why not at least give her a chance? It´s not a suprise that usually the people that scream the loudest that they´re straight are actually not as straight as they claim to be. Which is fine with me, but it´s just stupid to go out of your way to pretend to be straight.

Unfortunately there is another problem, guys that are specifically looking for transsexual women often because they have a fetish for that or some kind of fantasy related to that. Guess what, a lot of these women don´t like to be someones fetish! They want to be loved, treated and respected just like other women. Which seems logic, but in reality this doesn´t always happen. Love someone for who they are, not for what they are!

If you do find yourself in a situation where the woman you´re attracted to is a transsexual woman then don´t make a big deal out of it, just treat her as you would treat any other woman. Treat them with love and respect, I think that wouldn´t harm you and your girlfriend will definately appreciate it. Also communication is always a good thing, so don´t be afraid to ask questions and I think a lot of transsexual women will appreciate your interest and will probably not mind answering some questions. Just as long as you´re being respectful, don´t be blunt or rude about something.

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