zaterdag 8 maart 2014

Hood or mask?

What´s a fetish outfit without a nice mask? What´s a catsuit without a hood? You might not like to wear a mask or a hood but I think they add some extra spice to an already hot outfit. Besides it also adds some mystery to your appearance and I do think that mystery is more interesting than nothing at all!

But what is better? Well if you´ve seen some of my pictures then you´re probably familiar with my mask, so it´s not a suprise what I prefer. But that doesn´t make a hood bad, I think for some people a hood is an excellent choice and it can be incredibly sexy! Just look at a hood with a ponytail, wether it´s fake or real hair it just looks good. It´s not a suprise that some Doms/Dommes love to wear a hood or a mask. A lot of subs love that as well, some of them try to match their mask or hood with that of their Dom/Domme. I actually encourage that, because it´s a nice touch and I would definately appreciate that!

What I like about my mask is that it keeps a lot of my face free, which is nice when it´s warm or when I´m wearing make up. Of course you can wear lipstick with a hood but with my black lipstick it doesn´t really fit well with a black hood, I prefer to keep my clothes in dark colours so I don´t think I´m going to change colours. With a mask I can wear white make up on my face to bring out the black mask and lipstick even more. Also I think that a mask looks a bit more stylish, but that´s just my opinion and I don´t consider that as a fact.

Both a hood and a mask are sexy, I love to see them on people and I guess that does explain my love for heroes and villains. At least the ones that wear hoods and/or masks. But what also makes hoods and masks special to me is that they´re not that common, you don´t see a lot of people walking around with hoods or masks. I think that makes them even more special to me.

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