zaterdag 24 mei 2014

A Dom/Domme can´t be nice?

A lot of vanilla people seem to be under the impression that a Dom/Domme must be a horrible person, purely based on their vision of BDSM. I know that this is often based on how they look at BDSM without actually knowing much about it. But isn´t that how it is with so many things in life? People already have an opinion which is often based on prejudice instead of actual facts. So it´s no suprise to me that some people are quick to judge others purely based on what they do and without actually getting to know them first.

So a Dom/Domme can be nice? Of course! Did you really think a Dom/Domme is evil? That you must be a miserably wretch if you want to be considered as a Dom/Domme? Of course not! There is no need to be rude, especially if someone wants to learn about BDSM then it doesn´t help if you´re being a twat. Maybe some people want to be treated badly by their Dom/Domme, but I don´t see it as a standard and I definately don´t encourage stupid behaviour!

What about Doms/Dommes that aren´t nice, they´re not good Doms/Dommes? One person isn´t the other, if one sees the need to be unfriendly then so be it. I wouldn´t appreciate such behaviour and definately not welcome it, but sometimes subs look for this type of behaviour in a Dom/Domme. Maybe you find this weird and in a way it is, because domination doesn´t mean being rude or unfriendly. You don´t dominate someone by being mean, but it wouldn´t suprise me if that works for some Doms/Dommes. What one person finds strange the other might consider to be acceptable.

Often when someone treats a Dom/Domme with respect then I don´t see why he or she wouldn´t be nice to you or at least shows you respect in return. But as I mentioned before, we all have our own way and one person isn´t the other. So don´t always expect that kindness and respect is answered with the same type of kindness and respect. Eventhough some people might be unfriendly at least they´re being honest, so if you don´t like that then at least you know. I´d say you´d prefer that then when someone pretends to be nice and eventually suprises you with their unfriendly behaviour. Kindness isn´t always greeted with kindness, but don´t let that discourage you for being kind to others! Also just be yourself, you don´t have to pretend to be someone you´re not. There is nothing wrong with a friendly and helpful Dom/Domme!

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