donderdag 1 mei 2014

How do you use your whip?

I sometimes get questions about how you use a whip, because a lot of people are uncertain about using a whip on their sub or a Dom/Domme using a whip on him or her. Which is quite understandable if you don´t have a lot of experience in BDSM or if you never had any experience with a whip. The last thing you want to do is just try something, if you´re not careful you can seriously hurt someone and that could also be yourself. So don´t be an idiot and decide to just do something!

It´s not a bad idea to see the whip as an instrument, don´t see it as a weapon or a tool. You play an instrument with care and you let the instrument guide you. So in a way a whip is quite similar, because instead of just lashing out you should first feel the whip in your hand and make it a part of you. Which probably sounds a bit weird but I mean to say that it´s like making it feel more natural in your hand. Practice on a dummy or pillows and see how well your aim is and learn to feel the way a whip handles. At first it might be weird and maybe even scary, this is something you´ll just have to get through. The whip won´t bite you, but you can hurt yourself if you just wildly lash around! Which is why it´s a good idea you start with a small whip, starting with a bullwhip isn´t a good idea!

The first whip I used was a riding whip, which might seem weird but if it works on horses it also works on subs! It´s short and easy to use, so it shouldn´t be too difficult to use that. Don´t underestimate the whip though, because it can seriously hurt someone! Start with soft taps and then increase that with harder taps, up to the point where you can actually hear the impact of the whip. Once again practice makes perfect!

If you feel like something else you can also try a latex whip, which is softer but can still hurt when used correctly. It feels amazing on your skin and it´s a very intimate way of handling your sub if you both have a thing for latex. The bullwhip is really a whip for when you´re experienced with whips and even then it´s still tricky to use that whip correctly, once again start simple and then increase the lashing with force and speed.

Of course there is no rule that you have to use a whip when you´re a Dom/Domme, so don´t feel bad about not wanting to use a whip during a session. If you´re a sub and you don´t want your Dom/Domme to use a whip on you then you should really talk about that with your Dom/Domme, maybe he or she can help you get over the fear or you can talk about an alternative. Don´t be afraid to say that you don´t like something, it´s better to be honest in these situations!

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