dinsdag 6 mei 2014

When it gets too hot for boots....

It´s Spring and Summer is on the way! This usually means warm temperatures and sweaty situations for everyone with a love for wearing latex or leather. So it´s not a bad idea to wear something else, but what if you have to wear latex or leather at least once a day?

If you´re like me and you prefer to wear latex and leather as much as you can then that means you´re in for some rough times when it gets warmer. Maybe for some people it´s actually quite nice to be in a sweaty outfit, but I don´t think that this counts for everyone. The worst part for anyone with a boot fetish must be the time of the year where it´s too hot to wear boots. But maybe it´s the same thing with some latex and leather lovers, sweaty feet in boots are a big turn on for some people. I find it rather disgusting, I´m not a big fan of sweat and that´s why things get a bit unbearable for me when it´s hot outside and inside.

Wearing boots feels nice and anyone with a boot fetish will probably want to wear them at least once a day, but if you´re just like me and don´t like to drown your feet in sweat then it might be difficult to wear boots when it´s warm. Unless you wear special boots that let your feet breath so you don´t sweat as much as you normally would. But are those boots still from the material that turns you on? Well some of them are, but leather boots aren´t really known for letting your feet breath. Which means it´s warm for your feet to wear leather boots and that might make it unpleasant to wear them on a warm day.

Whenever I go horseback riding I wear riding boots, they´re made out of leather and they´re pretty tight around my feet and legs. This means that my feet get a bit sweaty and that´s not very pleasant, but this shouldn´t stand in the way for someone with a boot fetish. So the same counts for me wearing leather boots on a hot day, it might not always be pleasant for my feet but I still love wearing boots. I don´t want to deny myself from wearing boots just because it´s warm. Of course I won´t be wearing them all day and probably avoid walking around too much in them, this keeps things cool and pleasant for me. Boots are great and it´s a shame if you deny yourself such pleasure, sometimes you just have to find a way and that makes it worth even in the unpleasant moments!

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