zondag 18 mei 2014

When you can´t respect your Dom/Domme....

It might seem unthinkable to some people but it happens, a sub that can´t respect his or her Dom/Domme. There can be several reasons why this happened, which don´t even have to be the fault of someone. Sometimes people just change, still it´s harsh to suddenly out of nowhere decide to drop your Dom/Domme without giving any reason. The same counts for Doms/Dommes that drop their sub for no reason, you might think that this is acceptable but in fact it´s not!

Some subs have trouble respecting a Dom/Domme that is dumb, which is pretty harsh and unfair because judging someone for his or her intelligence is a low blow! Some people are smarter than others and sometimes people are just not that smart, but that doesn´t make them awful or gives you the right to disrespect them! If a Dom/Domme has always treated you with respect then why would you disrespect him or her just because he or she isn´t that smart? Maybe you´re smart and you find it difficult to worship someone that isn´t as smart as you, but then again maybe you´re just not cut out to be a sub....

A sub that doesn´t respects his or her Dom/Domme is the worst? I wouldn´t go that far, sometimes a Dom/Domme can be annoying or act in such a way that it becomes difficult for the sub to respect that person. Respect is something you earn, not that is automaticly given. Especially a Dom/Domme that just calls himself or herself a Dom/Domme without knowing what that actually means might find it difficult to get respect from others. Ignorance isn´t a crime, but pretending to know things while you clearly don´t know much is just foolish!

Sometimes the blame is on both sides, some people just don´t fit well with eachother and then it´s better to part ways. Don´t force yourself in a situation where no good comes from, you don´t do yourself nor the other a favour with that! It´s not a crime to be disrespectful, but some will take it badly and sometimes that´s not so strange. When there are troubles in a D/s relationship then talk about it, if something troubles you then mention it. It´s easy to hide feelings or doubts about something, but it´s better to talk about these things. If you still find it difficult to respect your Dom/Domme then maybe it´s better to part ways, perhaps there is someone else out there for you or maybe you´re just not cut out to be a sub. Life is a journey where you learn along the way, don´t get stuck on the first obstacle!

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