vrijdag 19 april 2013

Lights out?

You meet someone interesting, there is a connection and you feel the need to get intimate with this person. But then there it is, you´re in the bed and your partner decides to turn off the lights. How does that make you feel?

Maybe you prefer it this way, you don´t need to see what you´re doing and having sex doesn´t actually require you to see. Perhaps it has a deeper meaning, because your eyes can no longer see your other sense become stronger. So you can hear better, feel better and taste better. Hopefully leading to better sex.

But there is also a less positive reason, maybe you just don´t want to see the other person. Maybe you´re not that physical attracted to him or her, but you do want to have sex and by turning off the lights you hope it will positively influence the sex. Or is it that seeing the other person actually having sex with you is a turn off for you?

I guess it could be that you´re keeping the lights on, not everyone feels that comfortable in the dark. We all have our own reasons and ways, but how do they influence us in our sexual adventures?

So lights on or off?

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