dinsdag 16 april 2013

Time to shine!!!!

Do you have that obession with anything shiny? The moment you see someone wearing something that has a nice shine to it you go crazy, if so then you and me have something in common. But what is it that makes us tick like that? Well I´m not a scientist but it is probably something in your mind that triggers the effect you have when you see something shiny. That might make it difficult watching someone wearing latex or make it just a lot more interesting, as long as you don´t jump on that person then you´ll be ok I guess.

I noticed I had a thing for shiny clothing when I saw Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns as Catwoman. Now that was a shiny outfit and I think I´m not the only one that thinks she looks incredibly hot in that movie. But latex wasn´t really that much worn in public, well it still isn´t but in movies and on the internet you can find more people who are into that. Which is great because it´s not something a lot of people would confess that they have a thing for latex, apparantly it´s considered as wrong.....how odd because if it stimulates your sexual drive then that can only be a good thing right?

Sometimes I think about how it would be if all people would wear latex, we would have a shiny world and maybe there would be a bit more love and a bit less war!!!! Well that´s probably just a dream, a very hot dream might I say but unfortunately just a dream. Maybe in a possible future it will be a fashion that is accepted all over the world, now that would be a world I would like to live in!!!!

The only bad thing about latex is the price, but for those who have less money to spend there is also pvc. This is also shiny and a bit less tight around the body, also great for people who have allergy problems with latex. But I think nothing can beat latex, the way it feels and smells is something that you have to experience for yourself!!!!

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