maandag 29 april 2013

Bedroom cosplay

I love cosplay, it´s probably one of the reasons why I would like to go to Japan one day. I don´t think that there is another country where cosplay is that populair and where you find a lot of people doing that outside. Unfortunately on the other side of the globe it´s more uncommon to find people who openly enjoy cosplay. Often this is reserved for special conventions or happens behind closed doors, which is a big shame in my opinion.

With all the new (super hero) movies, cartoons, series, games and comics there is more than enough inspiration to find something that might interest you. I guess the problem might be to go out dressed in a certain outfit and get unpleasant comments, though I don´t think that it´s that extreme when you wear something innocent. Though a Catwoman outfit might get you some more attention, probably both positive and negative. But is it different when you wear leather pants or latex gloves? There will always be people who have something to say, wether that´s positive or negative they´ll speak their mind. It´s just a shame if you let that keep you from expressing yourself.

It´s good that you have a place where you can express yourself, if you´re too shy to go to a convention you could always play at home. Which brings me to bedroom cosplay, a safe place where you and your partner(s) can play and explore eachothers fantasies. Maybe you know movies, series or even games where you didn´t like the ending, so make your own ending or give another spin to the story. I´d say that the possibilities are as numerous as you can imagine them.

If you´re really creative you might even come up with your own character. A character whose appearance and personality are all made up by you. I started with my own character called Ghostface Girl, an assassin with a goth look. Which often meant bringing in (fake) weapons during play time, but also interrogation and submission came into the picture.

The most important part is that you and your partner(s) are having a good time, never forget that!!!!

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