woensdag 24 april 2013

They´re not just made for walking

Do you have an interest in boots? I think a lot of people see boots as a way of keeping your feet and part of your legs warm, maybe as a comfortable way of walking or a stylish presentation of yourself. But did you know that there are people who are completely obsessed with boots? They get aroused by just looking at someone wearing them, strangely enough they don´t have this effect when that same person wears shoes or sandals. So why do they have this effect with boots?

Often when people learn that I´m a dominatrix they ask if I also wear thigh high boots, apparantly that seems to be a part of the identification of being a dominatrix. I have to admit that I do wear them, but does me wearing thigh high boots make me a dominatrix? No of course not!!!! Just like a stripper doesn´t need to wear go go boots or an equestrian has to wear riding boots to be identified as one. But when thinking about these professions, you can´t help but picture them wearing these type of boots. Which kind of helps with answering the question mentioned in the first paragraph, it´s a part of our imagination and thus probably rooted deeply in our consciousness where also desire seems to float around. Of course this comes from my way of seeing it, there is no scientific statement I can make or give you actual proof. But then again, who really cares about the facts when it comes to desire and pleasure?

A lot of people who are into BDSM seem to have a boot fetish, some more than others but there are often signals that a dominant or sub is interested in boots. Some are interested in wearing, others in watching others wear and you have those that prefer to worship the boots and the person wearing them. But what makes someone worship boots? Is it the length that makes it good for licking or the extra height that it gives to the wearer? I guess that would definately depend who you ask, because different people can have different reasons. But to give a personal answer, just to leave you with at least something to hold on to, I would say that boots have a big attraction on me because they are a symbol of power. Also the shiny boots have an attraction on me because they´re shiny and the longer the boot the more I can admire. Like polished riding boots, don´t they just look right for licking? I know I wouldn´t mind giving those a little lick.

Different styles of boots also give different options, though the longer boots usually work better for me. I have a pair of torture boots, with spikes and shiny smooth leather, and I love wearing those boots!!!! I think it´s safe to say that those are one of my favourites, but there are of course many more that have their own unique and special quality. Personally I don´t even find it weird that some people have dozens of boots, because once you´re hooked then you´re most likely in for life!!!!

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