zondag 21 april 2013

Rubbing the right way

How do you feel about leather? I like to think that everything feels better with leather, like rubbing your leather body against someone else in leather creates some sexual tension. Much better than rubbing two naked bodies against eachother, people have been doing that for centuries and it´s not quite that imaginative. But when you put on a leather glove and touch someone else it´s like your senses are dulled, but at the same time you can still feel and it makes it more interesting because it´s not a direct touch but an indirect touch. Of course latex will enhance this feeling even more but I think latex gets more than enough attention when it comes to that.

When you see someone wearing leather pants or a skirt, doesn´t that make you want to watch? Why would someone wear that? Is it because they´re cold, ok with a leather skirt I don´t think that´s the reason, or are they just showing a little bit of their naughty side? Compared to latex or pvc, I think it´s safe to say that leather is more accepted by the vanilla crowd. Oh sure it might raise an eyebrow and I´m not saying that people won´t stare at your perfectly shaped butt in those tight leather pants. But I guess if someone stares at you for wearing something nice, that could be considered as a compliment!

Leather is a good way to spice things up in the bedroom, but unfortunately it´s not for everyone. I´m not saying that leather doesn´t look good on some people, no it´s more like some people aren´t that comfortable wearing leather. Which is a shame, because you´re missing out on something good. If you have a moral point of objection then by all means try pleather, which is for those that prefer not to wear something that once belonged to a living creature. It´s also cheaper than leather, if that´s important to you.

But getting back to the important part, one of the things I like to use leather for, is how to use leather in a more arousing and playful way. Enjoy your leather body with that of someone else also in leather, let your lips find their way over the other leather body and brand those fiery kisses so that person knows that you´re turned on. It might suprise you but sight isn´t the important sense here, now it´s all about touch. Even if you´re alone, leather can give pleasure. It´s probably the main reason why I wear leather on almost a daily basis....

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