zondag 14 april 2013

Once bitten.....never bites again!

A sub of mine broke a tooth when he was biting on my whip, now he expects me to pay for that. You pay the price for your own stupidity!!!! But let me clear things up a bit more, I guess it´s not fair (not that I care) to explain it like that.

So I have a sub that has a biting fetish, he likes to bite and loves to be bitten. Unfortunately for him I don´t bite, well unless you touch me then I do bite and hard! So to take out his frustrations he likes to bite on my BDSM equipment, I told him before that this isn´t a good idea but men like to believe that they know things better than women when it comes to certain things in life.

Now before you wonder if he was a dog in a past life I´ll have to mention that he isn´t a bad guy, stupid yes but not really a bad guy. But even a good dog needs discipline, otherwise you get a spoiled little troublemaker. Maybe I wasn´t hard enough on him, maybe I should´ve bought him a chew toy to keep him busy. But what´s done is done and to look back at this I don´t see how this is my fault. You´re responsible for your own actions!!!!

The poor man has learned from his mistakes and he doesn´t seem to be chewing on my personal belongings, so maybe there is a happy end to this story or it´s just a matter of time before doggy starts biting again.....

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