zaterdag 6 april 2013

Spring Fling

Do you know that feeling in your stomach when it feels like you´ve swallowed some butterflies?When all you can think of is that special someone? I´d say that´s pretty sick but then again it does have a certain charm, to fall in love and give in to the more primal urges that we seem to have from time to time. Especially in this time of the year the rise of idiotic behaviour seems to be at a maximum, though I can´t it bothers me that much. It´s nice to be appreciated, but it´s less nice when someone drools all over you. I guess it can´t all be good, though that doesn´t make it all bad.

I think that we all want to be loved and appreciated deep down inside, maybe even more in this time of the year. Though I seriously doubt that it gives you the right to stuff your happiness with someone in the faces of other people, unfortunately that´s something you see a lot when you look at your average profile of someone that is in a relationship. Some people call me twisted for hitting my subs with a whip, but I couldn´t do as much harm with my whip as some people do with their annoying pictures. So you tell me, who is really twisted here?

Still it´s not all bad, love is in the air and so we can all take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Before you know it we´re in Summer and then it´s too hot to have that much fun, unless you enjoy sweating in your latex catsuit. So enjoy this time if you can, it´s not a crime if you don´t!

Dark kisses

Mistress Minerva

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