woensdag 1 mei 2013

Too hot for leather

As much as you might appreciate the sun for giving you a little bit of warmth, it´s quite annoying when you´re wearing latex or leather when it´s hot outside. If you´re into sweat and all that then I guess you don´t have a problem, but I think it´s safe to say that for most of us it´s not that pleasant. Warm weather and leather don´t seem to go well together, especially not if you´re out in the sun being active.

So imagine being intimate with someone else while wearing leather, that makes you even hotter and I think your sweat gland might reach a critical limit. No matter how horny you are, if the other person smells then it´s a big turn off. Unless you´re willing to risk it, though I would definately not recommend it!!!!

Leather is great when it´s colder, so you´ll probably have the best time to wear it in Autumn and Spring. Though a mild Winter might be pleasant as well. Summer is less pleasant for leather, unless it´s a very mild Summer and you don´t do much while wearing leather. So does that mean you can´t play while wearing leather in Summer? Well if you find a way to stay cool, then it would be a shame not to.

Some people do seem to like the smell of sweat, like a foot that comes out of a boot that has been worn on a hot day. But that´s not something you want to risk with someone you just met or when you´re not certain if the other like that. It might seem odd for the other if you start sniffing at their feet while they just want to wash their feet.

I´m stubborn, so I don´t stop wearing leather in Summer and sometimes I pay dearly for that. But when you love something, when you truly enjoy wearing something then you shouldn´t be scared off by a little bit of discomfort. Instead wear your leather jacket, pants, boots and/or gloves. Maybe the smelly leather will attract a fetish lover and you´ll be even hotter at night. Enjoy!!!!

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