zondag 6 oktober 2013

That rubber touch

Do you remember when you first touched rubber? Did it make you feel weird in your private place? It actually started so innocent for me, a pair of wet rubber boots. They´re purely practical, supposed to keep your feet dry. But all I could think about is touching them and not just with my hands! It didn´t take long for me from touching rubber to actually wear rubber myself, because no matter how good it looks on others I prefer to wear it myself. As strange as this might seem to you, but when I get aroused by seeing myself in rubber then I know that I´ve done a good job. Of course it´s not about getting people aroused, I don´t like to make a mess, but wearing something that makes you happy. It´s nice if what you wear also makes others happy, well sometimes some people get a little bit too happy and then they still make a mess. But I can´t deny how much I love that rubber touch, from a simple rubber glove to a whole outfit!

Sometimes this fetish gets out of control for me, I see then people doing their work but then come the rubber gloves or the rubber boots and I know that it does something with me. As much as they´re just doing their job I just want to tie them up and have my way with them, maybe something is wrong with me? Some people might actually let me get away with it but I know these desires are just naughty thoughts in my mind, still they´re tempting and good material for some interesting stories I sometimes write. It´s funny in a way how someone who is absolutely not trying to be attractive can be irresistable to you just because he or she wears something that turns you on. But there is a danger that you´re into someone just because they wear something that turns you on. That makes waking up next to them naked a day later an awkward situation. It´s great if someone wears something that turns you on, but don´t be with someone just because of that. It´s not fair towards that person and some might actually be ok with it, but let´s be honest and agree that this isn´t really material for a solid relationship. If for some reason you´re just looking for some hot sex and the other as well, then don´t feel bad about it and just do what you like. It would be nice though if you mentioned to the other what turns you on, because you don´t want to be in the situation that the other suddenly doesn´t wear rubber but satin.

Of course you can have a loving partner that doesn´t mind wearing something that you like, I think that is a big must for those with a kinky fetish. Because the same boring stuff gets old real fast if that´s all you´re going to do, spicing up your sex life is never a bad idea! So maybe you have a strange fetish, if someone truly loves you then it doens´t really matter to him or her. But it might be smart to be careful what you say, because as acceptible some people can be not everyone will accept everything! Also don´t make it all about you, sometimes it also means that you wear something for your partner. You might not always like that, but if someone does something for you then it´s only fair that you do something for him or her. Just be careful what you agree to, if you truly don´t want to do something then don´t feel forced to do it just because you did something for the other. If you really don´t like to wear a gasmask then don´t do it, I´ve seen people passing out wearing one and it´s not something you want to make someone go through. If you can´t do one thing for someone then there must be something else, don´t be afraid to say no but also try not to say no too often. I think we all have a fetish that is acceptable for the other.

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