vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Does your boss secretly want you to dominate him or her?

It´s not that uncommon actually, I´ve met plenty of people who have an important function in a company and love to be dominated. But what makes someone want to be dominated? Does it have something to do with their job or is it just in their nature? I think it´s unfair to say that it´s just in their nature, because how do you explain a switch? It´s more like a feeling inside, the will to dominate is one and the will to submit is the other. Of course everything isn´t always that black and white, but to put things in a simple perspective I´d say that´s how you could see it. So is your boss unhappy with what he or she does? Well I doubt everyone has a need to be dominated, some people absolutely don´t like it at all! I´m not even talking about people who like to dominate others, domination just isn´t for everyone.

I think a lot of people lead a double life, not that it´s always that drastic but I´m certain that the person you see at your work could be more than what you might see. You could work with someone for years and not know that he or she has a BDSM interest, because it´s not something people would openly talk about because it´s not openly accepted. When people find out that you have an interest in BDSM then they´ll look at you as if you´re an alien. It won´t take long for the lame jokes and soon people will make fun of you, because you like something that they can´t or refuse to understand. So imagine that your boss might not want other to know that he or she likes BDSM, that he or she secretly wants to be dominated. I´m certain some employees would love to dominate their boss, especially when their boss makes them work hard. So is there a way to find out if your boss likes to be dominated? Well you could always ask him or her, but I wouldn´t recommend that. There are definately subtle ways of finding out if someone has an interest in BDSM. You can safely figure that out by using terms used in BDSM, of course it will all depend on your relationship with your boss. If things are quite informal it´s easier, because in a formal situation you probably don´t have a casual conversation that often with your boss. But getting back to subtle hints, you can always mention things to check if they know something about BDSM. For example when you talk about trust you could mention that you would never tell anyone anything unless they know your password, which is quite subtle because it doesn´t necessarily mean that you´re talking about something related to BDSM. But another approach would be that if someone would want to get information out of you when it´s a secret that they´ll have to tie you up and torture you, the key would be that you´d mention that you wouldn´t mind. When you´d say that then you just have to pay attention to his or her reaction, of course this doesn´t mean that it always leads to succes or gets you a clear answer. As long as BDSM is frowned upon, people will hardly ever speak openly about it at work.

Your boss could also be a Dom/Domme, something that is also quite common. In a way that actually makes more sense, but a Dom/Domme doesn´t always have to be a boss to be able to do what he or she does. That innocent looking woman in the library could be a feisty dominatrix and that nervous guy that works at the bank could be a stone cold dominator. Looks can deceive and sometimes people have reasons for that, you should never reveal all that you are. Because when people know everything about you already, what is there left to discover?

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