dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Sleeping in latex

It´s Autumn and the nights are getting colder, so it´s smart to keep yourself warm under the blankets. Some people have a partner they can crawl against for body heat and others use an extra blanket or an electric blanket, but I like to dress myself in some latex to keep me warm on those cold nights. Latex is really the type of material you can wear almost anywhere at any time, the only time I´m not that fond of latex is when it´s hot inside the house. Because sweating in latex isn´t something I consider as sexy, I know that some people like it but I´m not that fond of it.

So what can you wear to keep yourself warm on a cold night? Well latex socks or stockings are a good way to keep your feet warm, that´s usually the worst when your body is warm but your feet are ice cold! Of course you can wear woolen socks, but really do you prefer to wear those socks instead of latex socks? But even if you have someone else in the bed then it´s fun to tickle someone with your latex feet. Some like to wear a full catsuit in bed, personally I´m not a big fan of that myself. I love latex but I don´t like to wear too much when I´m in bed, so that´s really for the ones that just want to be very comfortable in latex. Latex gloves are also nice under the sheets, they keep your hands warm and they feel good on your body. Of course it´s more fun with someone else in your bed, but that doesn´t mean you can´t have fun all by yourself!

At first it kind of feels weird to sleep in latex, because when you´re not used to wear that much clothing in bed then it´s awkward to suddenly do wear more clothing. Especially the gloves and the stockings felt weird at first, but once you´ve gotten used to it then you can´t imagine sleeping without on those cold and lonely nights. I guess we all have our own ways to get some sleep, it doesn´t all have to be the same way and probably that´s for the best. You should stick with what you like and hopefully the person with whom you share you bed isn´t opposed to you wearing what you like. If they do object then you can always show them where your couch is, if he or she has problems with latex!

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