zondag 13 oktober 2013

Wearing a mask

I think we all wear masks, some we can see and some we can´t see. I guess in the end only you know what is real and what is your mask. So why do you wear a mask? Well going back far enough in time there are actually enough rituals or cultural customs where you would wear a mask, even in modern times there are moments that masks are used. For example with carnaval some people wear a mask. But if someone would decide to wear a mask and walk through the city wearing that mask then he or she will probably get a long of looks from other people, because it´s not considered as normal to walk around with a mask on. Personally I don´t think it´s that weird, I mean if you´re just wearing a mask then who really cares? But in Westeren culture it´s important that you can see eachother, a lot of people don´t like it when someone else is hidden or at least not recognizable.

Are masks a sign of trouble? Well in the old cartoons you would often see the bad guys with masks on, for example in the Donald Duck cartoons and comics you have the Beagle Boys who always wear their masks. Even in disguise they would always wear their masks, which is like a sign that they´re bad. But are people who wear masks really that bad? Of course a cartoon or comic isn´t reality, so no people who wear masks aren´t always bad. In a way masks are often misunderstood and by some people even considered as something not of this time, maybe that´s true but I think that masks have a bigger role than a lot of people think. A mask can be for protection, but you can also wear it because you like it. A masks offers you some anonimity, which comes in handy when you´re doing things that not everyone can accept. I don´t even mean criminal activities, no I mean BDSM!

So why do I wear a mask? To be honest with you I first started wearing a mask for protection, I didn´t want to be recognized by people who know nothing of my life as a dominatrix. So my mask was my shield, it protected me and it helped because no one ever recognized me. But after some years of being a masked mistress it became more than that, my mask became my symbol and my subs would recognize me as the mistress with the mask. My mask became me, at least a part of me. When I wear it I´m Mistress Minerva, without my mask I don´t have this feeling as much as when I wear my mask. But that doesn´t mean that the mask makes me Mistress Minerva! It´s a bit difficult to explain, perhaps if you´re familiar with wearing masks then you know what I mean.

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