woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Dominating in public

A lot of people that are into BDSM usually do this behind closed doors, which is quite understandable since not many people consider it normal to see someone walking around on a leash or kneeling in front of someone else. As civilized as our community might be we´re still not at a point that certain things are widely accepted, I guess it will depend where you do it but most of the time you´ll get some looks or people shaking their head. But how crazy is it really?

It´s nice when you have a good bond with your sub, but to take that from the bedroom to the street might be a big step for some people. Perhaps it´s even something some people can´t even handle, which isn´t something anyone should be ashamed of. Because BDSM isn´t widely accepted most of the BDSM community works behind closed doors, which is definately a shame! But there is something nice to have some privacy, so it´s not that bad. Still there are times that you just want to go out and be yourself, which in some cases means dressed up in latex and have your sub on a leash with you while you go shopping.

What is there to fear? Well the responses of other people are often something that people have difficulty facing, but really if you´re just having a good time and not harming anyone then why can´t you be yourself? If you feel good when you wear latex or leather, then you shouldn´t be limited in wearing it. The same counts for going out with your sub, if you´re having a good time with your sub then why keep it restricted to inside only? Of course it´s not nice to force someone to go outside when they clearly don´t want to, there is a thing called humiliation and there is just being a dick about it. Going outside dressed up and playing should be fun, not just for one but for both of you!

Of course you get responses, some of them are nice and some of them are not so nice. Just remember that you have every right to be outside, if someone has a problem with you being outside then that´s their problem and not yours! There is nothing wrong with showing dominance, I´d say it brings an interesting flavour to the D/s relationship. But because a lot of people will probably not understand you, you might want to take it easy. Personally I love to go outside with a sub, suddenly the area to play has become so much bigger! Just don´t forget to dress yourself warm in this time of the year!

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