zondag 6 oktober 2013

Online excitement

Have you ever met someone online with whom you´ve had a pleasurable conversation and you wish he or she would live closer? Well that´s one of the risks of meeting people online, because most of them won´t live next door. It can actually be quite frustrating when someone means a lot to you but meeting that person is just difficult, mostly because of distance and the expensives that come along with that. Maybe you feel comfortable to visit someone when they´re from the same country, even if that means traveling for a couple of hours. But what if someone lives on the other side of the ocean? Then the chance of meeting him or her becomes quite small, it´s not strange that some people just aren´t that interested in anything more than just friendship with people from another part of the world. I don´t blame them, but sometimes it´s a real shame. I mean if you meet someone with whom you have a good connection, when there is clearly chemistry between you and the other then you would most likely want to explore that further. Unfortunately this isn´t always possible, which often leads to just friendly conversations or some naughty online conversations. Online conversations are nice, but when the conversation gets spicy then it´s a shame that it will only be a conversation and that any real touching will have to be done by yourself.

No matter how good your imagination is, I don´t think anything can beat to actually have the person you have feelings for with you in the room. So you can have your online conversations, your pictures and videos but it will never be as when the person would actually be there with you. So having this spicy conversation will really become interesting if you both have a good imagination and some naughty thoughts. For example I had for a moment a lot of fun writing a story with a friend online, I would start the story and then she would continue. This would go on until one of us would finish the story and start another one, this lead to some interesting and sexy conversations. It´s actually a turn on to see someone being creative, to make a world where you and the other person can do whatever you want. Now before you think that this was just about us meeting and having sex then I´ll have to disappoint you, because we actually wrote a long story with a lot of details in it. Characters with backgrounds and even a full description of the places where the story took place. I always loved getting a message from her and then I´d be interested in what she was reading, which often lead to me getting aroused by her dirty but playful mind. Oh it´s not as much fun as actually spending time together but it´s better then just talking online about what you want to do with the other person.

Personally I think your mind is probably the most sexy part of your body, if you only knew what you could do with that then you´d probably not even think about using your hands. Well maybe some of you would, I mean there are desires and a quick release might just be what the doctor has ordered. The thing is that people who talk about having sex and what they would want to do with the other are often the same idea, there is hardly ever any creativity in it and fantasies often are poorly explained. For example I could say that I like shiny things, but that´s not being clear what I really like. Some might think I get turned on by plastic or glitter, well I´m not! But even if you guess it right, yes I like latex so what will you do with that information? Are you going to tell me you´re dressed in latex and you´re horny? Well that´s not much of a story, that´s just getting to the point as fast as you can. Maybe some of you like to get it over with quickly, but some people like to enjoy certain things. When I see someone in latex I don´t think that I need to jump on this person and have sex. Oh sure the thought will run circles through my mind but that´s not interesting is it? You want to feel the latex, taste it and rub your shiny butt against it. I could write an entire chapter just what it would do to me when I see someone in latex, that is just talking about feelings and describing the scene. I´m not even talking about approaching the person in latex, that´s just all desire and naughty thoughts put into words.

So share your kinky thoughts online, be creative and find others with a similar taste as yours. But don´t be afraid to try new things, because why stick with what you know when there is so much else out there for you to discover! A word of advice though, I wouldn´t talk about fantasies in my first message to someone else. First get to know someone and you can check if there are similar interests and maybe a possible connection. Then go further from that point, that is if the other feels the same as you. Maybe distance stands in your way of being with someone, but online you can be as close as your minds will allow it!

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