zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Primal lust

Do you ever have that feeling that when you see someone that you want that person? You´re not in love and it´s not really about anything really, all you want to do is have some wild sex with that person. Maybe some of you think that this is something silly, but really are we suddenly so civilized that we don´t know what lust is? Some people might only have sex with people they love and I respect that, but sometimes your body just wants something and who are you to deny that?

This feeling of lust can so easily be triggered by something, maybe it´s something someone wears or what someone is doing. Especially when the idea of a certain fantasy has been roaming around in your mind for some time, that´s when it becomes difficult to control yourself once you encounter someone that can make that fantasy become reality. Of course such encounters are quite uncommon, especially when it´s an unusual fantasy. But if leather turns you on, then you probably don´t have a hard time finding someone to get busy with. But it doesn´t always have to be something they wear or do, sometimes it can be as simple as an accent. I´ve seen people go wild for a French accent, to name one, and the person who had that accent didn´t really look like a fantasy.

No matter how you feel about someone or something, someone else can have different feelings about that. So jumping on someone in a sexual rage might not be the best way to deal with primal lust, unless that´s something both of you like then I´d say do whatever you like! But seriously, it´s not a good idea to be too forward with these things. As much as we have this primal lust in our bodies, we also have a brain (well most of us anyway). So don´t be shy to use that in moments of primal lust, because you don´t want to do something you might regret later. In the moment everything seems fine, but regret usually comes later....

The ideal situation would be if you and the other person have the same type of fetish, which will help you with getting turned on by eachother. Still this doesn´t automaticly mean that the other person is interested in you! If you´re good at reading signals then you should know when the other person wants you, if you´re not certain then play it a bit more careful. Oh before I forget, always use protection! Have fun!

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