zondag 5 mei 2013

The hard truth

For some it´s non negotiable, but for others it´s a must. I guess it depends how you and your partner look at it, also who plays what role. What am I talking about? I´m talking about a strap-on, a big (rubber) cock to pleasure someone with. It comes in very handy when you´re missing certain parts, though it´s not forbidden to use it when you do have those parts. Have you ever tried it? I think most people would say no, maybe they´re scared or others just don´t feel like using that on themself or others. But it´s something you can use when dominating someone.

It´s not strange for a dominatrix to wear a strap-on, which is often worshiped by a sub. But just like a whip it´s not something that is required for a dominatrix to have in her possession to be seen as one. For those that are intimate with their sub the strap-on brings more submission and humiliation in the picture, but it´s really an optional item that isn´t required to enjoy your time with a sub. Also it´s probably not something for a first session with a sub, espcially as a professional dom/domme you´ll probably leave it out. Most likely because as a professional you don´t get intimate with your client.

But for the amateurs or the recreationals there is enough fun to have with this never failing joystick. The strap-on keeps your hands free so you don´t have to keep it in place, so you have both your hands free to do other things. I would like to add that a professional dom/domme sometimes also uses a strap-on, though this isn´t for sexual pleasure with a client. But then again things are different for some people and the rules for one are not always the rules for another. Just keep in mind that a dom/domme with a strap-on doesn´t mean that you´re going to have sex.

Is a strap-on a girls best friend? Well maybe some would say that, though I doubt that a strap-on is better than having a whole man. Sure not every specimen might be that interesting but the same can be said about women, so up to this point I haven´t found that special strap-on that could replace a man. I just know that I enjoy my strap-on, it´s always ready and doesn´t need anything but a nice place to keep it. A strap-on could bring some spice into a boring relationship, with some role reversal or double pleasure. But try to remember that you can´t stick everything in certain places, it might be tempting but you should really stick to the things that are made for that!!!!

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