zaterdag 11 mei 2013

Dark roleplay

As a goth I´m naturally drawn to the dark side of life, which include a lot of things but it doesn´t mean I´m bound to any of them by default. The last couple of years vampires have become popular, well maybe they have always been popular but thanks to certain movies and series the popularity seems to be bigger than ever. Unfortunately not all of these movies or series are what you would call something every vampire lover would like to sink his or her teeth in. Which has lead to some strange sparkling or brooding teenage vampires, which is all great for some people but doesn´t really add anything interesting for others. Even in roleplay you see some people having fantasies of playing parts from those movies or series, while others absolutely having nothing with that. So what to do if you´re dealing with one of those fanpire, combination of fan (boy or girl) and vampire, and they wish to play such parts in the bedroom?

Now don´t get me wrong, I like to bite and I´m absolutely not scared by the sight of blood. I´d sink my nails in your back and sink my teeth in your neck, it wouldn´t bother me at all. But when someone comes to me and wants me to play as a sparkling vampire I draw the line. It´s not that I can´t respect them, sure if that´s what they like then that´s fine with me. But I refuse to be any part of that, as my view of vampires is different then what they show to people these days. I´m not the one to turn down an attractive person, especially in a shiny outfit, but I´d say the fanpire stuff will have to stay out. Unless they´re willing to play in one of my fantasies where I nail them to a cross and torture them for days, I´d say that makes it worth it!!!!

Something that I find interesting is where someone would play a vampire hunter and the other would be a vampire, that could lead to some interesting roleplay and torture fits in nicely. Maybe a vampire with a werewolf pet? A necromancer with his or her beloved zombie maid? Is that twisted? Well seeing that some like rainbows and bubblegum, I´d say that there are some that like things a bit different and it´s no suprise that this is darker. I haven´t even spoken of the pagan and the missionary, which can lead to some intense roleplay. Spanking someone with a bible has something devine about it, both on the giving and receiving end.

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