woensdag 15 mei 2013

Fictional turn on

I don´t think many people would find it odd if you´re attracted to an actor or actress in a certain movie, maybe it´s because of their make-up or their costume but it´s still a real person. But what if it´s someone that is completely fictional, like a character in a comic or a video game?

Especially in games there are a lot of interesting characters, there might be different opinions what would be considered as sexy but I think it´s safe to say that there is something good for most gamers. But does the sight of a computer animated character actually turn you on? Or is it more like you appreciate it but it doesn´t really do anything for you? I think the lesbian scene in Mass Effect 3 is popular, even if it´s just a short scene it´s probably still liked for what you see. But it´s still just two computer animated characters (one of them can be created by you, at least in appearance) and depending on the choices you make in the game it can lead to different outcomes. I guess it really depends on how you look at it, if you´re in the story and really play the role of Commander Shepard then I doubt it will feel like you´re just watching some computer animated characters get intimate with eachother. So your imagination will definately help with the turn on, though is it really required?

Well when looking at sex, it´s nice to have some creativity because doing the same thing in the same position every time can get old. Maybe not for everyone but people are different, so what counts for one doesn´t have to count for another. But when you get fiction in picture then it comes in handy to have some imagination, to be creative and maybe create a whole story behind this romance or intimacy. Though that could just be me thinking too much, because some people just probably like to think of themselves with someone. There are also people who like to fantasize about two fictional characters getting together, where they might even leave themselves out of the fantasy.

I do like to play as a fictional character, like dressing up as a character from a game or comic. A little bit of cosplay can definately spice things up or at least make things more interesting, it can even help you fulfil a fantasy or at least help you get a lot closer to one you might have. Because a fictional character will stay that way, the closest you can be is be intimate with someone dressed up as that fictional character. It´s of course up to you how far you want to take that, though getting too much involved might be a mistake when your partner isn´t. I think a popular fictional couple roleplay is Batman and Catwoman, also for two women you have Harley and Poison Ivy roleplay.

Just look at the picture below and ask yourself, is this hot or not?

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