vrijdag 3 mei 2013

Unexpected but true

When you talk about someones fetish, then it´s not always something obvious. Sure some people have a love for latex and leather, well probably a lot of people, but it´s not all that there is. Sometimes it´s something casual or something you wouldn´t expect. For some people it´s difficult to bring it up, because they feel ashamed about it or think that they´re weird that this makes them aroused. But sharing how something turns you on is nothing to be ashamed off, though maybe it´s a good idea to check carefully first if you´re uncertain about it.

It doesn´t always have to be complicated, sometimes it´s simple like make-up (for example a certain type of lipstick) or an accesory (for example a choker). Do you know what makes you aroused? Usually that´s the key to spice up your sex life, unless you´re happy with the standard stuff and don´t feel like adding something to that. But you would be missing out on a lot of fun, so why would you deny yourself that?

But there are things that aren´t accepted or tolerated by most people, sometimes for good reasons. I don´t think that you´ll be alone if you feel in a certain way, but it might be difficult to find someone to openly admit that like that as well. I guess the internet gives you a good chance to find like minded people but the internet is also a good place for people to pretend, so always be careful when you reveal yourself and/or your fetishes.

Personally I like equestrians, I find their outfits arousing and someone that likes horses gets bonus points with me. Maybe it´s their tight pants or their shiny boots, either way I love it!!!! The good thing about this fetish is that it´s not that difficult to find people who are into this or people who wear that. But it´s not always that simple, just remember that communication can get you far. Though a little bit of luck doesn´t hurt as well. Anyway good luck and hopefully you´ll find something to bring some flavour into your sex life!!!!

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