donderdag 30 mei 2013

Latex adventures

So yesterday I had the brilliant idea to go on a latex adventure. You might wonder what a latex adventure is, so let me first explain what I mean with that. A latex adventure is when I wear latex and go out, I don´t really have any plans but I just try to have a good time. Though I´ll probably stay away from the woods or the mountains, not that there are any mountains around here but that´s not the point. Whenever I go on a latex adventure it´s bound to have some interesting moments, like when you meet interesting people or find yourself in situations where you probably wouldn´t be without the latex.

But how does it work? Well it´s simple really, if you have a latex outfit (for example a catsuit, top and pants) then the adventure is ready to begin. For those with less money to spend, pvc is a cheaper alternative and looks almost just as shiny. The most important part will be some courage, it´s not easy to go out in the big bad world looking sexy as hell. There is no guarantee if people will be positive or negative, but remember that you go on this adventure for yourself and not for others!

Getting back to the beginning of my story, I went on a latex adventure yesterday. The temperature was quite comfortable, not too warm and not too cold. You don´t want to go on a latex adventure when it´s too hot, sweating doesn´t look as sexy as you might think and I don´t even want to mention the smell. It´s easy to get people to stare at you, I guess it´s not an every day sight to see someone walk around in latex. The sun made the latex shine a lot so I think some of the people that were looking might even got blinded by the reflection. My black latex catsuit felt good and it was actually quite comfortable walking around. I heard people talking but no one actually dared to approach me, not that I´m looking for attention but it´s a shame when people talk about you but are too shy to say it to your face.

But then suddenly out of nowhere it started to rain, so I quickly went into a shop to seek shelter from the rain. The people in the shop all stared at my latex catsuit that was now a bit wet, I gave a warm smile and half of the group of people that were looking turned around when they noticed I saw them looking. I asked the owner if he had a towel so I could get dry, because no matter how sexy a wet catsuit looks I prefer to keep it dry most of the time. The man hesitated for a moment but did give me a lovely white towel. When I was done I gave the towel back and winked at the owner as a little thank you, a suprising smile appeared on his face.

When the rain was passing after about 5 minutes I quickly went outside back to my house, not that I didn´t want to continue my adventure but I didn´t feel like being the wet dominant on the street. Still I´m happy I went on my adventure, it wasn´t a big adventure and not that much has happened but it´s still fun to go out and just be yourself!!!!

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