dinsdag 7 mei 2013

Catsuit, it doesn´t get any better!!!!

I think it´s safe to say that a catsuit is my favourite piece of clothing, which might suprise some because it covers up most of your body. Well revealing your body isn´t what I find attractive, it´s a nicely shaped body in a shiny outfit that I find interesting. Wether it´s on a man or a woman, a catsuit seems to bring the best out of you. Though it would help if you have a good figure, I doubt seeing someone squeeze into a catsuit and not being able to fit in is arousing for anyone. But it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round!

I remember the first time I saw someone in a catsuit, funny enough it was actually someone wearing a Catwoman costume. At first I couldn´t believe that something like that could exist, it looked so forbidden and yet so appealing. Of course things that seem to be forbidden are often the more interesting things in life. I had to wait a lot of years until I had my first catsuit but once in my possession I couldn´t stop wearing it.

Did you know that some people wear a catsuit under their casual clothes? A lot of latex lovers like to feel latex on their skin so they wear some latex clothing underneath their casual clothes, sometimes that also means that they wear a latex catsuit. It would be a bit more difficult in Summer, if not less pleasant with the heat, to wear a catsuit but in Winter it´s probably worn quite a lot. I don´t think you would ever look the same way at your colleague if you knew that he or she was wearing a latex catsuit under his or her clothes.

There are different styles of catsuits but I like the one without covering up the hands and feet, also I personally prefer a black catsuit and with the zipper covered up. But I wouldn´t say no to any other type of catsuit. I guess the only problem I have with a catsuit is that it´s expensive, usually for a good reason but that doesn´t make it easier to buy one. So is it money well spend or a waste of money? Well that would depend on you, they´re expensive but well worth the money when you look at the fun you can have with it. Though always buy quality, even if that means buying something expensive.

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