zondag 26 mei 2013

The power of leather

Yesterday I was freezing in my house, instead of going somewhere warm I put some leather clothes on. I could feel the cold pressing against my body but it couldn´t penetrate my leather ´armor´. I wasn´t even shivering in my clothes, I felt pretty good and the leather gave me a comfortable temperature. I didn´t have to turn on the heat in my house, I actually saved some money there which is a nice bonus. Though that might not be the main reason why you would wear leather, but it´s still nice to know that there are benefits next to looking good.

This disappointing Spring weather has caused me more than one cold evening and night, so yesterday I was just sick and tired of trying to stay warm. I´m not the type that crawls under a blanket or goes to bed early to stay warm. I decided to put on my leather pants, top, gloves, trenchcoat and my torture boots (also made of leather). Suddenly the cold couldn´t harm me, the biting feeling on my skin was gone and I stayed up all night enjoying the comfort of leather.

I think I haven´t always been that appreciative towards leather, latex has gotten my favour most of the time but this time it was definately leather that saved the day for me. Latex might feel and look better, it´s leather that keeps you warm on even one of the coldest nights. Of course having someone with you to share body heat will help as well, but if you find yourself alone on such a cold and lonely night then you know what you can do to keep yourself warm.

I don´t think that leather ever felt that good to me, sure I´ve rubbed myself against leather and I´ve licked it but this felt just as good if not better. So what is your best friend on a cold and lonely night? Right a rubber cock, though a leather outfit to keep yourself warm is nice as well!!!!

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