zondag 19 mei 2013

Holy ravioli, what to wear?

For those that don´t know, it´s Pentecost weekend so what does that mean? Well for some it means a free day but also means showing off that nice figure you´ve been working on since the first day of the new year. At least if you´ve been keeping yourself to your promise, if not then there are also nice outfits that cover that extra weight up. So what to wear this weekend?

If you want to be a good Christian, you´ll probably put some formal clothes on. As a guy that would be a suit or some smart casual clothes. As a woman you´ll be expected to be in a dress, trying not to show off too much skin. Hm is that a prejudice? Well I doubt every good believer is like that, you´re not bound to what others think you´ll wear. But I bet there are some ´good´ people out there that might just do exactly that.

But if you feel more like me, then you´ll probably be a bit less casual and a bit more kinky. Get those leather clothes out of the closet and strap on some buckled boots to put some character around your feet. Is it too warm for leather? Well a mini skirt looks good on some nice shaved legs and if you can tolerate it with the warmth you could put on some nice (thigh high) boots. When people want to worship the ground you walk on then you know you´re doing something right.

Of course you could always go for some latex, what better way to show you´ve been touched by the holy ghost then wearing a shiny hot outfit. It can´t be hot enough, though be careful if it´s warm because you don´t want to faint in a latex outfit. It might seem sexy being dirty but there are limits to getting dirty, filthy is not the right type of dirty.

Whatever your plans are for this weekend, I just hope there is some rubber involved. As you can see I´m enjoying my rubber as always!!!!

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