woensdag 22 mei 2013

Pain or pleasure?

It might suprise you but some people often talk about the same thing when it´s about pain and pleasure, now I don´t mean that everything that hurts is automaticly pleasure to them but when done correctly it can definately stimulate positive reactions from the other. So why is it so frowned upon when you talk about spanking your husband or wife? It´s not like you´re beating the living hell out of someone, but it can be rough for some people. Especially for virgin butt cheeks, so if you can´t stand pain then spanking isn´t for you.

For those that are interested but a bit afraid to try it, you could start with spanking yourself. You know how much you can take so it shouldn´t be too dangerous, just slap yourself on your butt cheeks and see how far you can go. If you feel confident enough you could use a ruler or (if you have one) a whip. A riding whip is excellent for beginners, if you don´t hit yourself too hard you should be ok. Even if you go for more force in your hits then it shouldn´t be causing a lot of damage, they´re not designed for that.

The next step would be to include someone else in your spanking, if it helps making it feel less awkward you can take turns but if it´s really just about you getting used to it then there isn´t much need to spank the other. Things are only as awkward as you make them, in other words it´s probably best not to think too much about it and just have fun with your partner. If you don´t have a partner then it might be tricky to find someone, because asking someone if they enjoy spanking isn´t really material you ask on a first date nor on a second or third date for that matter. But you can talk about having a kinky side, also don´t be too quick with this by saying you don´t mind being tied up and beaten with a stick because that might be a bit too much too fast. Seems obvious but you´d be suprised with the messages I get or the stories I´ve heard from other women.

Then if you´re ready for the real work, then remember to have a safeword before you begin. That will stop the spanking, as you agreed with your partner before you begun. Trust is also a must in this situation, do you trust the other person who you include in your spanking? Between a Dom/Domme and a sub should always be trust, if you don´t trust the other then it will be a lot harder to let him or her spank you. Last but not least, try to let go of your worries and have fun. You might want to brace yourself for impact but sometimes you just got to enjoy a good spanking.

Have fun!!!!

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