vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Reality vs Fantasy

Do you ever look at the picture of an attractive person and fantasize about him or her? There is nothing wrong with that, but as long as you keep fantasy and reality separated it shouldn´t be a problem. It´s usually when someone becomes obsessed with the picture and expects you to be like that all the time. Sure some pictures bring out the best in you, like in that latex catsuit you look divine but that doesn´t mean you look like that all the time. Sometimes I get subs that seem to be disappointed that I´m not the super hot babe they thought I would be, as if it´s forbidden to have a bad hair day or walk around without make-up.

Some also expect you also to wear on high heels and strapped in leather, but that doesn´t make you a dominatrix. Some of the clothes and tools of the trade might help you with your work as a dominatrix, but often you wear and use that because you want to and not because you have to. I´ve met women that never wear latex or letaher and hardly use any whips to dominate their subs. Still the fantasy gives some people the illusion that it is needed, that a dominatrix is like that. Which is a shame but it´s difficult to avoid, especially for those that seem to have that idea branded in their minds.

A dominatrix is a human just like you, we go to the bathroom and we don´t look that special in the morning. If this disturbs your image then maybe a human dominatrix isn´t for you and you should stick to the imaginary ones you see in your dreams. Of course it´s nice if someone worships you and a sub should worship his or her master or mistress. Just keep in mind that they´re humans, so they do the same basic things you do as well. You´d think that this is nothing new, but plenty of subs seem to be shocked that the person they thought to be a goddess turns out to be human just like him or her.

Fantasy is nice, I love fantasy and it gives a creative mind something to do. Just don´t remember to come back to reality, don´t get yourself lost in fantasy because no good comes from that. Hold a fantasy close to your heart but don´t expect it to ever become reality, unless your fantasy is a bit realistic. It´s difficult to judge that without knowing what it is, but just remember that a dominant is a person just like you.....well maybe a more twisted and sadistic person that you. And for every Dom/Domme, know your limits!!!!

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