maandag 13 mei 2013

Thigh high boots

Lately I´ve noticed that thigh high boots are becoming more popular to wear, but it could be that these women are secretly more into kink. Still it´s not like 50% of all the women wear them, but slowly they´ve become more popular. Even for those that don´t like thigh high boots there are knee high boots, which comes pretty close to the delicious thigh high boots. Working your way up with your tongue on thigh high boots isn´t easily matched by any other type of boots, though many would probably love to try.

What I find interesting is that people often see thigh high boots as something worn by a dominatrix, a stripper or a prostitute. As if it´s forbidden for women with a different job to wear them!!!! Besides I doubt every dominatrix, stripper or prostitute wears them. But thigh high boots are a good way to get someones attention, though some people might be focused a bit too much on the boots and won´t pay that much attention to what you say. Still that´s a risk I´d be willing to take!

The first time I walked in thigh high boots I felt like a queen, maybe that was more my imagination then the power of the boots but it sure felt good. Even now I wear them from time to time, preferbly when I´m not walking around too much because they´re not always the fastest way of travelling. My boots also have a zipper, which is probably less popular with the way that looks but a lot easier when putting them on and later taking them off. I already have more than enough fun with laces when putting on my corset!!!!

If you´re still not convinced that thigh high boots look sexy, then maybe this will change your mind.

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