vrijdag 17 mei 2013

The new you?

I´d like to go further into the fictional character topic, because I´ve been wondering about something. Some games give you an option to customize the main character or even multiple other characters, which is usually for personal amusement but some actually put a lot of work into that. What is interesting that a lot of male players like to play as a female, the reason for that is usually a bit vague. The first excuse they usually give is that they prefer to look at the ass of a woman than one of a man, but seriously that´s just a cheap answer. Is it  perhaps because they like to be a woman? Even if it´s just in a game. Now don´t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with that. If men want to play as women then that´s fine with me, but I find it interesting because you hardly see women play as men in games. Unless they´re not given another chance, when the main character is male and you can´t change that.

One of the games that I really loved to play was City of Heroes/City of Villains, you had so many options with customizing your character and your costume. Which is probably the most fun I´ve had with customizing in any game I´ve ever played. I think it´s safe to say that this game was also a nice game for men who like to play as a woman. It´s a shame that this game is no longer playable, but maybe in the future there will be another game like that.

But for all the men who like to play as a woman, there is nothing wrong with that and when you´re roleplaying I doubt anyone would be bothered by that. I think most people online expect female characters to be controlled by a man anyway. Which is of course not always the truth, there are plenty of female gamers though some of them play as a male character. Often just to not get bothered by men who annoy them, which is a shame because I would always welcome more female players. It´s good that there are also women out there that don´t care and just play as the character they want to, even if that means they´ll get a lot of crap from other (often male) players.

I think some men also like to play as a woman in games because they´re secretly a crossdresser or transvetite, though that doesn´t always have to be secretly but since it´s not that openly accepted I can definately understand why some would keep it a secret. It´s nice that they can be themselves in a game, but it´s a shame that it has to be like that and that it can´t be more out in the open without the insults. Just between you and me, I think men that look like women look sexy and I doubt that I´m the only one!

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