zaterdag 1 juni 2013

Silly Doms/Dommes

Have you ever read profiles or messages from certain ´special´ Doms/Dommes? These super stars live in a world where they think that they´re all that, that they´re superior towards you. Sure a Dom/Domme dominates a sub, but to actually feel better than another person is just stupid. Of course in roleplay you can play this type of Dom/Domme, but just keep it in the play session and once you´re done you can stop. Though that seems to be difficult for some people.

Half of the time these people don´t even look so superior, I guess when you´re beautiful and all your life people have been worshipping you then it´s difficult to stay ´normal´. But when people who can´t even write proper words tell me that they´re so superior then I can´t help but laugh, it´s nice that they´re confident but sometimes it´s just ridiculous.

You should treat your sub with respect, he or she is still a person and chooses to serve you. Some people seem to forget that last part, that it´s a choice and not something that they´re forced to do. These people don´t even see or hear other people laughing at them when they behave in their superior status, especially vanilla people seem to find it funny to see some overweight blob or barbie doll acting like they´re God or something like that.

But in all honesty I think people like that just give Doms/Dommes a bad name, which makes it even harder for BDSM to be taken seriously and accepted. But I guess every idiot can hold a whip in his or her hand and think that they´re so much better than the rest. I just wish they act like that in their bedroom and not in public....

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