woensdag 10 juli 2013

Sex machines

Now before you´re thinking about a man or a woman that has sex for hours, I´ll let you know what it is I´m talking about. A sex machine is an automated tool that you can have sex with and/or helps you get an orgasm. They come in all kinds of sizes, from something you can hold in your hand to a whole device that you can get in or on. The question I have, is this the future for having sex?

I´ve seen movies like A.I. where you have sex bots, of course thanks to the actors they look good but how realistic is that? Besides do you really want to have sex with a robot? To me it feels unnatural and it´s not something I´d be interested in. But I´ve heard positive opinions when it´s about that, though I suspect most of these opinions are based on ideas that come from movies or comics. I don´t think we´ll see anything like that in our life time, the robots we see now are far from attractive sex machines and more like a practical way of getting it over with. Maybe I´m wrong, maybe it´s the best sex you can ever have, but the question remains is this the future for having sex?

These days cyber sex is nothing new, but it still involves two people. Gender and age might vary, more often than you think, but at least it´s not like you´re having sex with a piece of metal. I´m not a big fan of this either, but for some this is the closest they´ll get to having sex. Though I doubt that is always true, often if people have a bit more confidence in themselves then they can get further then they know. But it´s probably safer behind a screen, pretending to be someone you´re not.

Then you have these virtual worlds where you can make your own character, then that character can interact with other characters controlled by other people. Second Life is such a virtual world, having sex with other people in that virtual world is nothing new and there are actually whole areas where you can get your freak on. I´m not unfamiliar with Second Life but it has lost it´s charm on me years ago, at first it´s exciting and fun to discover this new world but after some time you meet the same type of people and you realize that they´re not so different online as they are offline. Oh sure some might have more to say, but in truth a pervert will always be a pervert!

So no matter what the future brings, right now I´m happy with having sex with other people. I´m certain the machines can wait a century or two!

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