zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Cyber sex

In this age it´s different to get around it, computers are everywhere and if you want to speak with your friends you´re often required to go online. It´s not much different with finding that special someone or just someone to have sex with. Thanks to the internet the world is at your fingertips, people who live far away can be as close to you as is possible with modern technology. Cyber sex is one of the ways you can get more intimate with someone, without actually touching them. The question is, is this something you´re interested in and if so do you think it leads to something more?

I´ll let you in on a little secret, well I doubt it´s a secret but I´ll tell it anyway. Some people go crazy when they see a woman in latex or leather, it often brings out the idiot in them and they want to get to know you. I say get to know you but to be honest they wish they could get intimate with you, but distance often keeps that from happening so the next thing they´ll ask will be if you want to cyber. This often leads to refusal and so the quest for some cyber sex continues, apparently it´s just too much of a bother to go out and actually meet people.

But is it all so bad? Is cyber sex really just a sad way of getting intimate with someone? I´d say it really depends with whom you´d want to do that. With a stranger might seem exciting but it´s nice if you know at least something about the other before you get into that. For example if the attractive woman you saw in the picture actually is a woman and not just a man pretending to be that woman. But it´s also important that the person you want to cyber with isn´t a creep, someone that says weird things and goes into stalker mode from that moment on. Always choose your partner wisely, just as you´d would with real sex.

Cyber sex isn´t bad, but it could never replace real sex for me. In the movie Demolition man you see Sylvester Stallone having future sex with Sandra Bullock, they both have a helmet on and that projects images into the other persons mind. The weird thing is, while they´re doing that they´re in the same room with eachother and they can see eachother. It´s a nice idea for the future, but when you´re in the same room with someone else isn´t it just better to have real sex?

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