zondag 21 juli 2013

Accidental turn on

Have you ever wrestled with a friend and discovered you had an erection or that you got wet? Did you get a hug from that hot nephew or niece and discovered that you´re rock hard or soaking wet? Then my fellow sinner you´ve had an accidental turn on, which isn´t actually a sin but I guess some people might see it that way. It´s not a crime actually to get turned on by someone else, but it might be a bit awkward if it´s a relative or a good friend.

But it doesn´t always have to be a person, it could be a situation or an object even. Getting excited seeing someone eating a banana or suck on a lollipop. Having someone rub against your back in the train when he or she is moving behind you. There isn´t always foul play at work, sometimes these things happen and your body might not always recognize the innocence of it. Which might lead to you getting turned on or a sudden need to pleasure yourself. Either way, it´s awkward when you´re in the company of others that prefer not to see that side of you.

So how do you avoid an accidental turn on? Well since they´re accidental I doubt there is much you can do, but it might help if you pleasure yourself more often. Blow off some steam and the pressure might be less, so you don´t get turned on that quickly. Still for some people it´s only a look or a touch that is enough to get them turned on, in that case it might be better not to leave the house. Though that might make you socially awkward....

Getting turned on isn´t a bad thing, you´re not a villain if you get an erection or if you get wet. Guess what, most people get turned on but it´s not often something you´d talk about with family or friends. If you think it´s inappropriate to get turned on by a certain person or something then you should talk about that with someone you trust, I wouldn´t recommend keeping it all to yourself and suffer the torture every time you see that person. Who knows, maybe that friend feels the same about you and you can be more than friends. Though feeling a hard cock against your body or smelling a wet vagina does make it clear as well, it´s just a bit less subtle!

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