dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Discriminated Doms/Dommes

It wouldn´t be the first time that I´ve heard about a Dom/Domme being bullied just for being who he or she is, what could lead to that person moving away. Suprisingly it´s often the more religious people that seem so hostile towards people who have a love for BDSM. It´s strange that people who are supposed to love their neightbour as much as themself act in such a way against another human being. Unless they consider themselves better than someone who likes BDSM, I guess that could be a possibility but it wouldn´t justify the things they´ve said or the things they´ve done.

Perhaps it´s not smart to live in a community where your love of BDSM isn´t tolerated, but then again you have every right to be involved in BDSM. Others shouldn´t judge or hate you for what you like. But it´s easy to condemn someone for something you don´t understand nor wish to understand. Still it´s not one group that is guilty of this negative behaviour against BDSM lovers, there is almost a deep disgust in some peoples hearts against all that is different then the things they like or they think is right.

Unfortunately that´s not all of the discrimination, some Doms/Dommes or subs are refused because of their skin colour. A white sub that doesn´t want to be dominated by a black Dom/Domme or a black sub that doesn´t want to have a white Dom/Domme. Does it really matter what skin colour you have? BDSM isn´t about skin colour, sure you can roleplay but there isn´t any room for judgement or small minded pricks. People who think limited will never do great things!

It´s actually stupid that some people within the BDSM community would discriminate. There is already more than enough judgement outside the community, do we really need that kind of behaviour and judgement inside the community? I understand if you have a preference, but to refuse someone purely based on the way they look is just wrong. But I shouldn´t even have to mention this, this is something everyone should already know....

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