woensdag 24 juli 2013

An older lover

I think there was a time and a place that it wasn´t uncommon to marry to someone that was older than you, this someone would usually be a man and you would be a woman. There would often be an arranged marriage smell to this union, but if it works then who really cares. These days people marry or get together with people that are of all ages and genders. The barriers that seem to once hold certain people apart now seem to be broken, making sometimes unusual couples.

Probably one of the first things you hear when people talk about a couple, where one of the two is (a lot) older than the other, is that the younger only stays with the older for the money. I´m not saying that this is false, but I doubt this is the truth in every relationship. So what is so special about having an older lover? Well experience can definately bring some nice suprises, for example positions you´re unfamiliar with or just some old school moves. Some also claim that older lovers are more faithful, I don´t know if that true because a cheater is a cheater and it doesn´t mean that a cheater won´t cheat on you when he or she gets older.

If you´re interested in someone that is older than you, then there shouldn´t be a problem to talk about that. See if the other also has feelings for you and then explore those feelings together. It´s nice if you can make it work, have a relationship and all that. But if it doesn´t work, for some reason, then at least you tried. Society might frown upon relationships between two people of different ages, but really this is nothing new and it shouldn´t keep you from being with someone you love.

I´ve had an older lover, she´s 20 years older and as horny as a teenager. We both have an interest in BDSM so that really made things interesting in the bedroom, but also outside the bedroom! Not once did I feel weird to be with a woman that is a lot older than me, because we were in love and you don´t think about age when you´re in love. The sex was great and I never felt like I should take it easy with her, because she could keep up just fine with me and I think she might even be wilder than I could imagine.

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