vrijdag 12 juli 2013

The monster within

It´s nothing new for me to hear that I´m a freak, a monster that has no heart or emotions. To be honest with you, I laugh at these comments because I couldn´t care less what others think of me. I know that BDSM isn´t for everyone, I wouldn´t force anyone to like BDSM if they want nothing to do with it. But the thing is, people come to see me and they want to be dominated. Somehow I´m the monster in this, often these people that wish to be dominated are the same ones that scream how wrong it is. I guess we all have to keep our appearances up, a world full of lies and yet in darkness we find the truth.

But let´s analyze it, are we freaks for loving BDSM? Is there something wrong with us? I don´t know, I know what I like and what I want. I´d say that puts me ahead of a lot of other people who seem to be lost somewhere in the middle, they don´t know what they want and they seem to like something else every day. Is it so bad to like BDSM? People make it look and sound as if you´re a monster, but those that judge others and consider themselves better than others are the real monsters. Some even claim to speak in the name of God and yet all they preach is hatred towards anyone or anything that is different then they are.

Some people feel ashamed that they´re turned on by latex or leather, as if it´s wrong to have a fetish. Let me tell you a little secret, we all have our own fetish or more than one. Just because someone doesn´t share your fetish doesn´t mean that this person is weird, though some fetishes might be a bit less ordinary. Still you can´t say that someone is a monster just for liking something else, even if you can´t understand it you could still respect his or her opinion. Though that seems to be difficult for a lot of people.

I´m a sadist, but does that make me truly evil? Well I can say with an honest heart that I don´t steal candy from a baby, so I´m not evil like mister Burns! But I do like to dominate, so that means I´ll use people as furniture or spank them when it suits me. It´s no suprise that many of my subs almost beg me to be spanked, so maybe I´m not the monster some people claim me to be. People seem to fear things they don´t understand, but there is nothing to fear when it comes to BDSM. An open mind and some curiosity can get you far. So don´t be afraid to explore, don´t be afraid what others might think of you. There will always be people that have a different opinion then you, who can´t accept you for who you are. So why waste time to please them? Make your own luck, you don´t need the opinions of others for that!

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