vrijdag 26 juli 2013

Thigh high boots

For me thigh high boots are a part of the ultimate fantasy, I can´t really describe what makes them so special but seeing someone wear them or walking around in them myself just feels good. With feeling good I mean that it makes me horny as hell. Especially the shiny version with the long heels, the laces look good but if I´m wearing them myself I prefer zippers. It takes some time to get them on but once you walk around in them you feel good and you look good!

Unfortunately not everyone feels that way, at least not openly, because women in thigh high boots are often mistaken for prostitutes. Of course this is ridiculous, as if a woman can´t walk around in thigh high boots just because she likes them. I´m glad though that more and more women seem to break free from closed minded thinking and just wear them when they feel like it. I almost have to control myself not to compliment someone for wearing thigh high boots in public, it´s a nice sight and it brings some beauty in sneakers and ankle boots society.

Thigh high boots are also expensive, at least if you want something good. But like so many things in life, if it´s good then you´re probably willing to pay a bit more. You´ll be suprised that there are many places where you can buy them, though the offer is probably bigger than the demand. Unless a lot of people do buy them but wear them in private. Which is something I do understand, but it´s still a shame.

In some movies thigh high boots also show up, for example in the dark knight rises. I don´t think I have to put the Halle Berry Catwoman next to the Anne Hathaway Catwoman to show you the difference, don´t get me wrong I think Halle Berry looks good but she´s just nowhere near Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Do the thigh high boots make the difference? Well that would be too much honour, but I do think it´s part of what makes that outfit look better! If you don´t believe me then feel free to watch both movies and see for yourself!

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