dinsdag 16 juli 2013

Forbidden fruit

If we believe what the bible says then there was this piece of fruit that made us more aware of who we are and what´s going on, also after eating that piece of fruit people started having sex with eachother. So maybe it wasn´t so bad to eat it? Anyway food seems to play a role during sex (for some people), from thinking about to actually eating or using it for pleasure. Some people actually get turned on by food, though I´d rather not think about how that would look.

Your parents probably told you as a child that you shouldn´t play with your food, well it seems that some people do like to play with their food and do naughty things like sticking a banana in their exit hole. Now that might be a bit extreme but some consider that as pleasure, though some people also consider eating a delicious steak as pleasure. But just sticking food in certain places doesn´t mean that´s all to it, some people rub grapes in someones face or put whipped cream on their nipples.

The good thing of food is that it´s not hard to get it and the prices are often reasonable, so instead of getting a dildo you get a banana. The problem with food is that it won´t stay good for long, so it would always be a temporarily thing. Personally I have a problem with using food for pleasure, I mean I like pleasure like everyone else but using food for that seems like a waste. Because when I pleasure myself with a banana I don´t feel like eating it anymore, though some might disagree and still eat it. So imagine that banana to be inside someone else, that doesn´t make it more appealing for me to eat!

What I find interesting about this fetish is that some people seem to be ashamed for it. Even when they know the other also has some kinky fetishes, people with a food fetish still seem to be reserved talking about their food fetish. Which is ridiculous, because who doesn´t like to lick some whipped cream from nipples? If you´re honest and have an understanding partner they´ll be more accepting then you´d think. Though you might have to do something for them as well, but that only seems fair to me!

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