donderdag 18 juli 2013

Angry sex vs make up sex

Maybe some of you think that it doesn´t matter, sex is sex and it should both be good. But that´s not what I´m after, I´m trying to figure out what is better. In a relationship people often say that make up sex is the best type of sex, I don´t know if they really mean that or if they just say what other people are saying. Angry sex is more violent, I don´t mean that people will bleed and that a vagina gets utterly destroyed in the process but it´s less innocent. So how to choose between these two, what would you prefer?

Let´s first look at angry sex, this might seem like an unhealthy type of sex that could even be considered dangerous to some people. Angry sex isn´t sex with a knife on your throat, that seems more like rape or if done with a willing partner rape play. It´s more like you had a bad day at school or work, the food is horrible and the weather is bad. You have a lot of frustration in you and you need to let it out, but at the same time you´re horny as can be. If your partner feels the same way then you can start having some angry sex, though it doesn´t require both people to feel that way. It´s not for the faint hearted and if you like rainbows and unicorns then this is probably not for you!

Make up sex is exactly what it means, after a fight in a relationship you make up with sex. It´s much more innocent and less intense than angry sex, so for a more vanilla type of relationship this might be more appropriate. It´s not bad sex, absolutely not, but it´s so sweet and innocent that it doesn´t turn me on. Sure I get horny when stimulated properly, but I can´t say that it does it all for me.

It´s not difficult to figure out what I prefer, but I don´t want to talk too badly about make up sex because it definatly has some benefits. It´s just that I prefer angry sex, stretching some poor virgin and make him or her scream so the neighbours can´t sleep. To be honest with you, there is no loser between angry sex and make up sex. Whatever you choose, you´ll still get lucky!

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