donderdag 4 juli 2013

Naming yourself and/or your sub

It seems easy, just pick a name and put Master or Mistress in front of it. But is it really that easy? I mean you want to have a name that suits you, that says something about you and maybe even defines you. Master Spike and Mistress Poison are names that say something about you, though they´re not that original. But these days it´s difficult to come up with something others haven´t used already, so I guess being original isn´t something you shouldn´t go for in the first place.

Still it doesn´t have to be complicated, naming yourself Master Dan or Mistress Mary is quite alright, to use your own name isn´t a bad thing. Though some might frown upon your lack of creativity, still I doubt anyone would give you a hard time for that. It´s the same for a sub, using your own name is quite alright. But if you want to fit better with your Dom/Domme, then it´s not a bad idea to change it into something that fits with his or her name. For example Master Heaven could have a sub called Cloud or Mistress Hell could have a sub called Ash. It´s not unusual for a Dom/Domme to name his or her sub, I´ve done it more than once and I actually find it fun to do.

But sometimes names must be earned, a sub might need to prove himself or herself before earning the title that his or her Dom/Domme has chosen for him or her. Though the same can be said about a Dom/Domme, I doubt someone would get a lot of respect from others when they pick a name that doesn´t fit with that person or that just sounds incredibly silly. For example Master Pancake or Mistress Pie will probably not be taken seriously at first. Though it´s easy to judge people, just because their name seems silly doesn´t mean they´re not serious about what they do.

As some of you probably know, Minerva is a goddess in Roman mythology. So my name isn´t original, though it fits with me because I can identify myself in the description of the goddess. Also I was named Minerva from a young age by my parents, I guess it kind of stuck and I like it. I´m quite certain there are other Dommes out there with the name Minerva, like I said before I didn´t chose this name for originality. It´s something that fits with me, something that I like and something I can recognize myself in. Pick your name well, it might stick with you for a long time....

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