zaterdag 6 juli 2013

Love between a Dom/Domme and a sub

Sometimes when you´re with someone things are nice, so nice even that you don´t wish to be apart from that person. When this person is your sub then it´s obvious that you ask yourself if you could be more than what you are at that moment. Perhaps a relationship is too much for some people, they like to be free and do what they like, but when you have such a good connection with someone isn´t there a chance that you might want to at least try to see where it goes?

It can be tricky, confessing to a sub that you have feelings for him or her. Don´t always expect a sub to be happy about it, because some subs aren´t looking for a relationship and consider the D/s relationship as strictly professional. But it´s not all bad, some subs would love to be in a relationship with their Dom/Domme. It´s not that different from a vanilla relationship, because in the end it all comes down to three things: love, trust and honesty.

When a sub falls in love with his or her Dom/Domme, which happens more often than you would think, then it might be difficult for the sub to confess. Mostly out of fear that it will break the D/s relationship, so some would prefer to keep their feelings a secret and pretend everything is ok. Now I´m not saying that every Dom/Domme would be happy with a sub falling for him or her, but you never know unless you speak your mind. If a Dom/Domme drops you as a sub just because you confessed your feelings to him or her, then that Dom/Domme is not worth your time!

When you have feelings for the other then pay attention during a session, are there signs that the other might be interested in you? It might be difficult to notice when you´re on your hands and knees and get spanked, but when someone has feelings for you they often show it with big or small signs. Not every always confesses just like that, sometimes you´ll have to work for an honest answer. But remember this, love comes to all types of people and Doms/Dommes are no exception!

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